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About Toronto Rehab Research

Turning Ideas into Practical Solutions

Solving common problems. That’s what Toronto Rehab research is all about. Whether it’s reducing the risk of falls on stairs or restoring the ability to grasp objects after a stroke, we help people overcome everyday challenges.

One of the most comprehensive rehab research programs anywhere, we are pushing the boundaries of rehabilitation research. A lot of our work focuses on preventing illness and injury by making streets, homes and workplaces safer – and keeping people out of hospital.

We’re also devising new and more effective rehabilitation treatments, assistive devices and technologies to maximize recovery for people with disability, illness and age-related conditions so they can live life to the fullest.

Another key focus: helping people live longer and more safely in their own homes as they age, with the support of advanced technologies and products. Our discoveries assist family and professional caregivers too.

Located in Toronto, Canada, our research program is based at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, Canada’s largest adult rehabilitation hospital and a member of the University Health Network. Toronto Rehab is a publicly-funded hospital with seven clinical programs for adults who experience debilitating illness or injury.

Our Team

Toronto Rehab’s research team includes more than 85 scientists and over 200 graduate and postdoctoral students, many cross-appointed to our affiliate, the University of Toronto, and other leading academic institutions. Our investigators bring a rich and varied mix of academic, technical and clinical experience. They collaborate in a multidisciplinary environment where engineers trade ideas with industrial designers, and social scientists work alongside clinicians, patients and an amazing research support staff.

State-of-the-Art Labs

Our iDAPT Centre for Rehabilitation Research – one of the world’s most technologically advanced rehabilitation research environments – provides a unique network of cutting-edge labs (links to labs section in this website) where researchers cultivate and test ideas in a real-life setting, and deliver new therapies and products. We also provide prototyping and other services (links to iDAPT services within this website) to academic and business partners.