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Toronto Rehab Research Chairs

Endowed research chairs help Toronto Rehab to attract and retain international leaders in rehabilitation research and to expand the horizons of rehabilitation science. Toronto Rehab currently has five endowed chairs, created with generous support from private donors and a contribution from the University of Toronto. Find out more below about these chairs and the outstanding scientists who hold them.

For more information on how to fund a Research Chair at Toronto Rehab please contact Cindy Yelle, President and CEO of Toronto Rehab Foundation, +1 (416) 597-3040.

Saunderson Family Chair in Acquired Brain Injury Research at Toronto Rehab

This chair supports research that focuses on the causes of brain injury, and the development and evaluation of rehabilitation treatments to improve recovery. The chair is also enhancing efforts to prevent head injuries in the first place, and to improve quality of life for people living with these injuries. The inaugural chair holder is Dr. Angela Colantonio.

Toronto Rehabilitation Institute Chair at the University of Toronto

This chair supports research aimed at optimizing the health care system so that people receive the very best rehabilitation care in the most efficient and cost-effective way. The chair was established through a partnership between Toronto Rehab and the University of Toronto.

The chair holder is Dr. Susan Jaglal.

Toronto Rehabilitation Institute Chair in Spinal Cord Injury Research

There has been an explosion of knowledge in the fields of engineering and biology - with exciting implications for people with spinal cord injury. The chair supports research that uses this new knowledge in creative ways to enhance recovery from spinal cord injury.

The chair holder is Dr. Milos R. Popovic.

Barbara G. Stymiest Chair in Rehabilitation Technology Research

The Barbara G. Stymiest Chair in Rehabilitation Technology Research will support the development of innovative technologies that help people with disabilities manage in their environment. The holder of this chair will move innovative ideas out of the lab and into the market so people can use them as soon as possible. The chair holder is Dr. Alex Mihailidis.

The Clifford Nordal Chair in Sleep Apnea and Rehabilitation Research

The Toronto Rehabilitation Institute Chair in Sleep Research will support research to provide a better understanding of sleep-related conditions such as sleep apnea, and to develop more effective ways to diagnose and treat such conditions.

The chair holder is Dr. Douglas Bradley.