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Awards and Scholarships

Toronto Rehab is pleased to offer several different types of research scholarships and awards. These opportunities are listed below, along with common sources of external funding. This is not an exhaustive list of funding opportunities. Graduate students and research fellows are encouraged to consult the funding and award information compiled by their home institutions and departments.

Toronto Rehabilitation Institute Scholarship in Rehabilitation-Related Research for Graduate Students with Disabilities

Toronto Rehab established its scholarship program for students with disabilities in 2005 with a pledge from TD GRANTS IN MEDICAL EDUCATION from the TD Bank Financial Group. The $20,000 scholarship supports the education and training of masters and doctoral students with disabilities who are studying in a rehabilitation-related field and intend on contributing to rehabilitation science as researchers.

This year (2015) we are accepting applications for continued support by current recipients of the Toronto Rehab Scholarship in Rehabilitation-related Research for Students with Disabilities but are not holding a competition for new candidates. Should we be successful in identifying new sources of funding to support this scholarship we will be pleased to resume the competition in future.

The Mark Rochon Leadership Award in Rehabilitation

$10,000 is available to support students entering the 2014-15 academic year for the first year in a Master’s or PhD program in a field of study related to rehabilitation sciences. The amount of the award will depend on the number of successful applicants and whether their studies are full-time or part-time. Awardees are eligible to apply for renewal for one additional year for a Master’s level student and two additional years for a PhD student. For more information, please click here.

Ontario Student Opportunities Trust Fund (OSOTF) Awards

The goal of the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute Student Scholarship Fund is to further the development of the patient care, teaching and research missions and goals of the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute (Toronto Rehab) by providing financial support for doctoral stream (MSc/PhD) thesis degree program students in financial need. This will be accomplished by providing scholarships to students in financial need enrolled at the University of Toronto (U of T), who are either in research training at Toronto Rehab or at another suitable institution, and whose studies will further the strategic directions of Toronto Rehab. Fields of study must relate to rehabilitation but are not limited to any particular discipline and, for example, may include but are not limited to rehabilitation sciences, health administration, and engineering.

Please note:

  • All OSOTF Awards are open to U of T graduate students (primarily MSc and PhD) who are Ontario Residents (Canadian Citizens or Landed Immigrants resident in Ontario) at the time of the award. Restricted awards do not have this requirement.
  • Each individual award has additional specific eligibility requirements.
  • The funding period is generally September 1 to August 31 or as determined by the Awards Committee.
  • There are other OSOTF Awards offered and adjudicated at SGS. These require a separate application to SGS.

For more information about this award, including upcoming application submission deadlines, please contact Research Administration at +1 (416) 597-3422 ext. 7600, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .