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Innovation and Impact: Introduction

Our pioneering work is having a direct impact. From new treatments to better assistive devices, we are maximizing people’s recovery and improving quality of life.

We share these discoveries with others – to help people everywhere. All patients and practitioners deserve the latest that science has to offer.

In this section, you’ll find tangible examples of our research in action, including new products and technologies and start-ups that are creating jobs and stimulating the economy.

Healthy Directions

It’s vital to put valuable findings into the hands of decision-makers too. So much of what we do has immediate implications for the future of the healthcare system. Some of our recent contributions:

  • A new approach to cardiac rehab that takes therapy right to people’s homes
  • ‘Prompting’ systems that use artificial intelligence to allow people to stay safely and longer in their own homes
  • Better patient-lifting devices to reduce back injuries in nurses
  • Strategies to prevent devastating falls, including innovative handrails and better winter footwear