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Movement Evaluation Lab

The Movement Evaluation Lab will allow researchers to develop and evaluate new diagnostic techniques and therapies aimed at improving the control of movement and mobility. These include treatments that focus on improving the health of the brain, cardiorespiratory and musculoskeletal systems in order to maximize the capacity for independent and safe mobility. This lab will be situated within a clinical area of the hospital. It will include systems used to conduct motion, kinetic and spatiotemporal analysis. Specialized equipment will include motion tracking devices, force plates and pressure mats. Detailed measurements will be made of the nervous system (electroencephalography, peripheral stimulation), musculoskeletal system (electromyography, isokinetic dynamometer) and cardiorespiratory system (metabolic cart, electrocardiography, blood pressure). Training equipment for ongoing trials will include treadmills with body-weight support and specialized ergometers.

This lab is located at Toronto Rehab’s University Centre at 550 University Ave., Toronto.