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Sleep Lab

Many disabilities affect a restful sleep. What’s more, sleep disorders can significantly increase the risk of serious medical conditions such as stroke and heart failure. Researchers are developing new ways to treat and diagnose sleep disorders in this three-bedroom sleep lab. The lab is one of the most productive in researching the relationship between sleep apnea and cardiovascular diseases anywhere in the world. It is outfitted with state of the art polysomnographic, cardiovascular, audio and video-monitoring, and alertness-testing equipment. A portable sleep monitoring system, including portable blood pressure and cardiac output monitoring capabilities, is used to conduct sleep studies in a variety of environments.

The Sleep Lab is located at Toronto Rehab’s University Centre at 550 University Avenue, Toronto.


Ruth Rutherford, RPSGT

Chief Technician, Sleep Laboratory
+1 (416) 597-3422 ext. 3078
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