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2016 Research Day lives up to the hype!

Toronto Rehab’s 12th annual Research Day may have been its best yet. The opening speech by Institute Director Dr. Geoff Fernie was inspiring in its content and delivery: Following a decade of growth in research capacity and understanding, we are entering a period of Ferocious Innovation where we will convert our research into caring solutions as never before - RROOARR! Plus, Toronto Rehab continues to publish more and be cited more than its peers as the number one Rehab Research centre in the world.

Research Day 2016

A second opening address by Ontario’s Chief Health Innovation Strategist William Charnetski complemented Dr. Fernie’s vision beautifully. He is entrenched in real efforts to direct Ontario’s health system to become a leading customer of new health care technology. With its concentration of health research, Ontario has an opportunity to develop a hub for health technology and innovation. Both Mr. Charnetski and Toronto Rehab intend to be a big part of that development.

The rest of the morning featured the day’s 99 maddest minutes, when Toronto Rehab trainees presented their research in just 60 seconds each. The presentations were segmented into Toronto Rehab’s research themes of Prevent Illness & Injury, Restore Function, Enable Independence, and Optimize the Delivery of Rehab Care. 

Minute Madness showcased the breadth of research ongoing at Toronto Rehab – from basic science to product testing, across dozens of clinical and community populations, spanning the continuum of rehab care. The research involves teams of clinicians, engineers, computer scientists, and business people to deliver the solution most appropriate for the situation. The afternoon session of posters and interactive displays revealed the depth and quality of each research stream as trainees proudly explained the results of their hard work.

An announcement by the Toronto Rehab Foundation left the attendees touched and grateful. TD Bank has donated $1 Million to continue to sponsor scholarships for graduate students with disabilities at Toronto Rehab. Part of the donation is an endowment to ensure this program continues indefinitely. TD Bank has shown a unique and long-term dedication to this cause, the largest program of its kind in Canada.

Congratulations to our award winners! Each Research Day features higher quality minute madness and research posters than the last. Toronto Rehab is a uniquely cohesive research institute because of the enthusiasm and dedication of its trainees, scientists, and staff. Our award winners reflect our values of caring, innovation, integrity, and teamwork. Congratulations to all for another terrific year of world-leading rehabilitation research! 

[Photo Credit: Barry Westhead]