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Patients and Public

Translating Knowledge into Action

Coming up with clever ideas isn’t enough. We’re not satisfied unless our research is having a direct impact on people’s lives. We’re determined to solve common problems - like slipping on icy sidewalks or eating normally again after a serious illness.

You may be surprised by how broadly we define rehabilitation research. We actively work to:

  • Prevent injury by making streets, homes and workplaces safer, and heading off illness before it happens
  • Maximize recovery for people who do need to go to hospital, so they can return to independent and productive lives
  • Help people remain safely in their own homes, and support family and professional caregivers

Our research is producing vital knowledge and solutions that help communities everywhere.

Rising to the Challenge

The need for this kind of research has never been greater. Our population is rapidly aging and chronic disease is on the rise. One in two of us will be touched by disability, either personally or through someone in our immediately family circle.

Toronto Rehab researchers are working to revolutionize rehabilitation and maximize life for millions of Canadians, and millions more worldwide, living with disabling injury and illness or age-related conditions.