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Meet Our Patients

Top of mind for all our researchers are the people who benefit from our research, from patients to family caregivers to working professionals. Our work is enhancing patient care, and improving safety and quality of life. Some examples:

Scott Fraser: a Timely Answer to a Devastating Problem

“Will I ever be able to eat normally again and to enjoy meals at home with my wife and son?”

For more than two years while hospitalized after a traumatic brain injury that left him unable to swallow, this question consumed Scott Fraser’s thoughts.

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Matthew Linton: the Power of Neuroplasticity

Matthew Linton believes in the capacity of the brain to regenerate itself with intensive therapy. He’s living it.  On Victoria Day weekend in 2009, while staying at a Collingwood chalet, Linton fell from a deck and hit his head on a concrete slab below. Friends found him unconscious and roused him, but he later fell into a coma.

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Wendy Angelo: an “Amazing Journey”

In 2010, Wendy Angelo had trouble walking even just a few blocks. At 63, she was overweight and endured painful osteoarthritis in her knees. Then came a diagnosis of pre-diabetes. “I sat in the doctor’s office and thought, oh no, not another chronic disease!”

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