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Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

The Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Team is developing advanced technologies that can deliver safe and effective patient care - in the hospital, clinic or home - and also support caregivers and clinicians in their work. These new technologies use advanced techniques from the fields of artificial intelligence, robotics, computer vision and pervasive computing. The goal: to improve the delivery and outcomes of rehabilitation and healthcare delivery, and help people with disabilities and older adults to live more independently.

Current projects include:

  • an ‘intelligent’ powered wheelchair that uses an anti-collision system to avoid obstacles
  • a robotic device to help stroke patients rebuild upper-body strength, being developed with Quanser Inc.
  • an emergency response and fall detection system that uses artificial intelligence
  • a smart walker equipped with wireless systems to monitor a patient’s daily activity
  • a wearable sensor system that collects behavioural markers of Alzheimer’s disease

Team leader: Dr. Alex Mihailidis