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The Mobility Team develops therapeutic techniques and assistive technologies to improve people’s mobility and reduce the risk of falling. Researchers are devising new training programs and equipment to improve health among those with neurological injury. They are developing new technology to assess and diagnose mobility challenges outside the lab in the ‘real world’. Another area of activity involves creating improved and standardized tools for clinicians to assess patients’ mobility. The research is also increasing basic knowledge of the factors that influence mobility and risk of falling.

Team leaders: Drs. Bill McIlroy and Avril Mansfield

Current projects include:

  • a new balance, mobility and falls clinic where clinicians and researchers work side by side with patients
  • an exercise program for people who have recently suffered a stroke
  • evaluation of a fitness program for people with multiple sclerosis
  • studies to understand the central nervous system’s role in balance control and gait
  • new instrumentation that can be used outside the lab to measure balance and mobility

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